3 things to look out for in a hemp oil shop

hemp oil shop

What you should know about a hemp oil shop?

Basically, a hemp oil shop is a place or website where you can buy hemp oil products. Hemp oil products are a way of fighting the worst diseases, including cancer. Currently, hemp oil has gained a lot of attention thank to all the benefits it offers. But, if you wanted to buy from a hemp oil shop, what should you be aware of? If that’s what you’re worried about, we have the answer for you.

Being a hemp oil shop ourselves, we can give you tips on how to differentiate a good hemp oil shop from a bad one. Now, just as any other product, a good quality with a low price is what everyone seeks. But that doesn’t quite apply in hemp oil! The more quality a hemp oil product has, the more it will cost. At the end, it’s better to have a working product than money in your pocket.

hemp oil shop

First things first, you have to know what hemp oil is. Hemp oil is also known as CBD oil, which is cannabidiol (a compound found in Cannabis sativa). Before you get the wrong idea, we can assure you that we’re not selling marijuana. Nor is any other hemp oil shop! Hemp oil, is reportedly known to reduce pain, inflammation, seizures and help balance within the patient. It’s not by accident that it’s considered miraculous.

If you’re seeking to buy from a  hemp oil shop, you have to be aware of three things:

  • The method of extraction
  • The sourcing of it
  • The bioavailability

We’re going to elaborate each one of them individually.

Extraction method

In order to get to the hemp oil, the process has to go through a process. It’s known as the extraction. Basing from the word itself, the oil gets extracted from the cannabis plant. There are surprisingly a lot of methods to do so. There are plenty of other hemp oil shop who uses extra cheap methods to do so. A bad method includes nasty toxic (propane, hexane etc.0 that may be harmful for the patient. What kind of person would want to consume that?

Another bad method used is from the companies who claim to use the “hydrocarbon method”. Basically, the hydrocarbon method has the goal to keep the “most true” of the plant. If we start from the beginning, using butane is wrong. It is indeed illegal, not to forget to mention. The reason why companies use this kind of method is because it’s cheap

Also, there are companies that insist that using organic ethanol is the best way to go. This can be controversial because while this extraction returns a lot of hemp oil, it has a downside. It destroys the plant’s waxes, which means the potential of the oil can be reduced to a lower level.

You might want to stay away from these kind of hemp oil shops.


This is pretty understandable – the better the source the better the quality. The quality of a hemp oil shop remains in the product it offers. Basically, the source means where it was grown, how was it grown, what kind of cannabis it is and so on. The climate plays a huge role on the quality of the product, perhaps the most. One of the biggest reasons why climate plays a role is because the CBD is known as a “hyperaccumulator”. Hyperaccumulator means it’s really easy for it to absorb contaminants that it needs to grow.

That’s why it’s always important to check the source and the quality of the product. After all, with no quality there’s no result to look at! Below we have found a infographic on avoiding scammy companies.

hemp oil shop


For some reason, there has been a few problems where the products sold from different hemp oil shops had problems. This is because, after some tests, the results came to conclusion that there is 0% CBD in them! This is one of the reasons why this industry hasn’t made many “friends” when it comes to business. Many people took advantage of the need of people to get cured, and used it in a bad way.

When you’re purchasing from a hemp oil shop, you have to keep in mind one thing: “A transparent company’s CBD miligram strength reflects the actual active CBD inside.”. For example, if a bottle says 400mg of CBD, you should know that the product contains exactly 400mg of it. Intentionally, a tip for our customers is to look out for products that are 4:1 on CBD and THC.

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