What are hemp seeds

hemp seeds

What are hemp seeds?

hemp seedsFor a very long time the hemp seeds weren’t considered as much healthier as they are now. They were ignored from nutritional benefits because of the relationship it has with cannabis. When it comes to cannabis, the hemp seeds don’t cause psychotropic reactions at all. They’re actually significantly healthier than most people thought until these days. The hemp has been around since the early 1950s in the US, but got it’s downside when it was categorized as cannabis. The myth became so famous because it contains THC which is used to get high. But, the low amount of THC it has proves that it doesn’t get you high at all.

It’s clearly not as powerful as marijuana, because it only contains 0.3%-1.5% of THC and doesn’t get you high at all. The marijuana has above 10% of it and that’s the main reason you get the high from when smoking it. This concludes two main things:

  • Eating hemp seeds is very healthy for you and your family
  • It doesn’t get you high or cause any kind of hallucination, and is perfectly safe and healthy (and legal too)

If you want to improve your digestion, increase your immunity, balance your hormones and stabilize your metabolism hemp seeds are the perfect thing.

4 main benefits of hemp seeds

The hemp seeds have a lot of benefits, but we filtered the four main ones.

It has a high percentage of GLA. Gamma-Linolenice acid, also known as GLA, is necessity to smooth out the muscle pain, inflamation and body temperature. Many painkiller contain a dosage of GLA inside tham which helps release the pain. Researches have proved that GLA is necessary to have proper hormone health, which is mostly related to women’s suffering of PMS symptoms. It also helped people overcome the pain of: ADHD, Diabetes, Heart disease, Obesity, Rheumatoid and skin allergies.

It helps arthritis and joint pain. The hemp seeds have been a part of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology research too. The research proved that the seeds helped patients on pain relief on arthritis and joint pain too. What researches found out that hemp seeds actually lower the MH7A cells that were promoting death cells. The conclusion was that the seeds have anti-arthritic effects, which helped patients lower the sufferings from their pain. For the best treatment, it’s best if you take a tablespoon daily with a quality fish oil to take with it.

Helping the weight loss. Hemp seeds are a natural appetite suppressant and helps you crave sugar less. Many experts recommend adding two to three tablespoons to your breakfast to fill up the curb excess for the entire day. The fiber in the hemp seeds promote satiety and turn aids to weight loss.

Maintain the health of skin, nails and hair. Hemp seeds are a great way to maintain and improve dry hair and flaking skin. There are a lot of cosmetic companies that use these seeds to improve their products efficiency. The oil that the hemp seeds produce penetrates the layer of skin and help reproduce the cells. This leads to having a clearer skin, healthier nails and increase the volume of your hair.

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