Instructions on how to take hemp oil

Many people lack the knowledge of instructions on how to take hemp oil. Sometimes, it takes a certain people only 60ml of CBD oil to cure most cancer cells. There’s also the average of 90 days to get that 60ml to ingest. Not to forget to mention that this treatment protocol is just a start to curing the disease. Sometimes it takes longer or shorter than this period of time.

But, in order to complete the treatment, you have to know the instructions on how to take hemp oil. The first step is to start ingesting orally three doses per day. In the first week, every dose should be very small, perhaps a small grain of rice. After a week, you have to double it. The dose has to be double each four days, until it reaches 1ml per day. It takes most people 30 days to get to that. So, no pressure! When the first gram is ingested, the dosage is supposed to raise until the cancer is gone. There are, certainly, people who have reached the dose of 2ml per day, or even more.

Considering that the dosage is small at the beginning, it’s very easy for the CBD oil to move from the oral syringe right into the empty capsule. The exact dosage is very important, so the effect of getting “high” can be avoided.

Dosing the CBD oil from syringes into capsules

instructions on how to take hemp oilAnother instruction on how to use hemp oil is to move the oil from the syringes into the capsules. This way, the patient is given the opportunity to dose out the oil in advance. This is also a great way to keep track on how much oil you are taking. It’s also an easier way to add CBD oil into other medicament regiment that you’re already taking.

Calmly starting the dosage from the first day and rising allows the body to tolerate it. For many people that experience the high of it, there is the side effect of tiredness. The best way to fight this phenomenon is to decrease the dosage a little. It’s no harm! Every person has different tolerances for specific medications, so no worries here.

Moving the oil from the syringes into the capsules is very easy. First of all, considering that you’ve already fixed the needle into the syringe, you’ll slowly start to pull the oil into the syringe. After you’ve had enough of the oil, you pin the needle into the empty capsule. This way, you made your way into the capsule. After that, you push the oil using the syringe into the capsule until it’s full. And that’s all! You now have a capsule full of CBD oil and ready to use. You have to keep them in a cool room and out of direct sunlight in order to protect them.

Having capsules is way more practical than syringes, considering how easy it is for them to be taken. You can keep them at home, on your laptop bag, on your gym bag, pretty much anywhere they won’t get squished and the oil would fall of.

Cannabis oil suppositories

suppositoriesIf you’re wondering for instructions on how to use hemp oil suppositories, we’re here for you. The suppositories have the same dosage as the oral ingestion, but get to the system another way. Many people are in belief that are even better than the oral one! If you want to make suppositories, here’s how you do it. You’ll start with a 100 gram of coconut butter, considering it for each 1 or 2 grams of CBD oil. The first thing to do, is to turn the cocoa butter into a liquid form by heating it.

After that, add your CBD oil while you’re melting the cocoa butter. Stir them together until they’re a mix. Next, pour the mixture into the suppository mold, and then let it cool until it forms. The proportion is 100 gram of butter with 2 grams of CBD oil. This can be a great way to start taking CBD oil, because it’s not a high level of strength. You can find suppository molds on your local pharmacy or online.

Suppositories are more practical when it comes to use them at home. A good quality of them is that they’re hard to break and easy to handle. They have more strength than capsules, but they’re less practical to use. You have to be in a closed room in order to take them, while with the capsules it’s way easier. When it comes to suppositories, you’ll need a room but with capsules all you need is a glass of water.

We’ve added a video on how to make your own cannabis oil suppositories, if it’s still unclear to you. Watch it below:

Treating skin cancer

Instructions on how to take hemp oil are also compatible with treating skin cancer. You will have to start with a high quality CBD oil to treat skin cancer, for starters. Considering this, 3 or 4 grams of cannabis oil should be enough. The instructions on how to take hemp oil for skin cancer are very easy. You will have to apply the moisture into your skin, like sun cream. The next step, is to cover it up with a bandage. Change the bandage every two days, or each day if necessary.

You’ll have to keep the treatment going on until the cancer is all gone. After that, you have to keep it going for about another two weeks, just to make sure. Doing this treatment will guarantee you that the cancer cells will die, and not come back. The time of healing depends solely on your rate of healing, and of course how deep the cancer is. The best way is to keep the treatment for another two weeks, just in case.

The easiest way to take CBD oil is for skin cancer. Considering that all you have to do is to apply them to your skin says it all. It’s like applying sun cream on the beach, but it cures your skin cancer. You don’t need to have the latest equipment, or equipment at all. All you need to do is to apply it on the skin that has shown signs of cancer, and spread it around. And, in order for it not to be wiped away, it’s practical to use bandage to keep the oil as much on contact with the skin as possible.

Lifestyle changes

Another part of the instructions on how to take hemp oil is the changing of lifestyle. Not that your life will be very different somehow, but some things have to go. You’ll have to undergo a diet yourself, in order for it to work. This is because it’s kind of impossible for cancer to grow in a body that is highly oxygenated. The protein of plants is a great way to fight the growth of cancer. We recommend you to take as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible, even using a blender would be okay.

Of course, the tobacco has to go once and for all. Considering that smoking kills a whopping half a million people each year, is a fact that it causes cancer. So, it has to stop. After all, why do you want to keep using a product that causes you cancer? Consider replacing a cigarette with a glass of fresh juice out of the blender, or even gum. Many people admit that smoking is just a habit that stuck with them. So, replace that habit with a better one!

Remember, you fought for too long to get back to the same lifestyle that brought you here on the same place. It’s not always easy to leave habits behind, but some of them have to go. Smoking, bad food, irregular sleeping schedule. They all cause the cancer, more or less. So stay away from the bad influence in your life, and start looking forward to a better life.